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Frequently Asked Questions

When considering selling a house, most people have questions. Here are the most common questions we get. If you still have questions, reach out to us directly via the form below or contact us anytime. Our team is available any time of day to answer questions!

How Fast Is The Process?

We typically close in 15 to 30 days! Given the right conditions, we can expedite the process, potentially closing in as little as 7 days. We work within the legal and ethical requirements to sell a house in Charlotte. In our business we work with a professional attorney who has experience ensuring there aren’t title issues and prior rights are met. They work as fast as they can to conduct the research required. From there, we schedule closing on your schedule!

Can I Trust Your Company?

Unfortunately, a few companies can ruin the industry. Most companies in our industry operate honestly and fairly. To determine if others are reputable, check out their website and Google profile to see if they’ve been reviewed. Are the Google reviews 5-stars? Does the business have a local office? Gauge their customer service too. If the representative you speak with is questionable or can’t provide guidance, that’s a red flag. We are personable reputable and have the knowledge to answer your real estate questions. If you’ve got concerns, it’s our pleasure to discuss how we operate and share our knowledge with you. Even if we don’t buy your house, we can provide ideas, advice, and resources to help you.

Is This A Good Idea?

Yes, this can be a great idea! In some cases, selling your house for cash can be the best option. We value relationships with homeowners and make fair offers for their homes. We enjoy working with someone who values speed and convenience. Before making you an offer on your house, we meet to determine that a simple solution can be reached. If we aren’t a good fit to buy your house, we will communicate that to you. There is no charge for our offer!

Do You Sell On The MLS?

We’re not real estate agents who will list your house for you. Instead, we buy houses directly from people, quickly, and pay them in cash. After we buy a house, we might fix it up and sell it to someone else who wants to live there, or we might decide to keep it and rent it out.

Are Your Offers Fair?

A lot of times, we buy houses that aren’t as expensive as others on the market. We do this so we can fix them up and sell them for a bit more to someone who wants a new home. We’re hoping to buy these houses at a lower price. We’ve found that many people selling their houses aren’t looking to make a huge amount of money. They’re happy that we can pay in cash, close the deal super fast (no waiting around for a loan), and they don’t have to spend any time or money fixing up the house or paying real estate agent fees. If you’re okay with selling your house quickly and like the idea of getting cash without all the extra work, maybe we can agree on a price that’s good for both of us. Remember, you’re not stuck with our offer… but it might be worth seeing what we can offer you!

How Is The Offer Determined?

We’re happy to explain how everything works. Our method is pretty simple. We look at where your house is, what kind of fixes it needs, how it looks right now, and how much other similar houses in your area have sold for recently. We take all this info and figure out a price that’s fair for both of us. We cut out all the extra steps like dealing with banks, appraisers, and inspectors. By offering cash, we make things move faster and keep it simple. Our goal is to find a price that feels good for you and for us. We’re all about being clear and honest, so you know exactly how we come up with our offer.

Are There Fees or Commissions?

Here’s what makes us different from selling your house the usual way: you don’t have to pay any fees or commissions when you sell to us. We’ll give you an offer, and if you like it, we’ll buy your house without any trouble or extra costs. A lot of times, we even cover the closing costs! We make our money by fixing up the house and then selling it to make a profit. We’re the ones taking the chance on whether we can sell it for more later. After we buy your house, you don’t have to worry about it anymore. You get to move on with cash in your pocket and no more house payments to think about.

How Are You Different From Agents?

Real estate agents put houses on a list and hope someone wants to buy them. They show the houses to people who might want to buy them, but it can take a long time to sell a house this way—sometimes 6 to 12 months. And if they do sell your house, agents take a part of the selling price as their payment, usually 3 to 6%. So, if your house sells for $100,000, you could pay $3,000 to $6,000 just for the agent’s help.

Agents are great for people who aren’t in a hurry to sell their house and don’t mind paying part of their sale price for the agent’s work. But we do things differently. We’re not agents; we’re people who buy houses directly from you. We use our own money to buy your house, so we can decide to buy it really fast—sometimes in just a day or two. We earn our money by taking the chance to buy your house with our cash, fix it up, and then sell it ourselves to find a buyer.

Am I Obligated To Accept?

You don’t have to worry about any pressure from us. After you share some details about your house, we’ll check it out and give you a call to learn more. Then, we’ll offer you cash for your house that we think is fair for both of us. After that, it’s totally up to you to decide if you want to sell your house to us or not. You’re in control and can choose what you think is best.

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