The 2024 Guide to Selling Your Inherited Home In North Carolina

Sell your house for cash in North Carolina

Why Sell Your Inherited Property In North Carolina?

Selling an inherited home in North Carolina can be an emotional and confusing time. If your parent, grandparent, or another close relative left you a home in North Carolina when they passed, many emotions and memories can come up. We understand the challenges of selling your inherited North Carolina home and have worked with many North Carolina sellers. These can also be confusing times, as occasionally you may not have been close or even know your relative owned a North Carolina home! While North Carolina has no state inheritance or estate tax, it is important to understand the North Carolina inheritance laws.

Inherited homes in North Carolina can often be in rough shape. For this reason, it can make sense to sell your inherited house for cash in North Carolina. If there are personal items the home that you want, take them with you and leave any other items you don’t want. If you or your relative wanted items donated we can handle that for you too. Cardinal House Buyers has experience buying North Carolina homes fast and for cash! Let us help you work through the probate and inheritance process and buy your inherited property in North Carolina for cash.

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What Is Probate In North Carolina?

In North Carolina probate is the legal process that passes assets from the deceased to their heirs. This is also called the “estate administration” process in North Carolina. Probate can also refer to the process of determining the intent of the deceased through their last will and testament. The legal process of probate is mandated at the Clerk of Superior Courts and should be similar in every North Carolina county. Cardinal House Buyers can provide guidance on estate administration and probate attorneys in all North Carolina counties. If your relative died without a will, this is referred to as “dying intestate”. Intestate simply means not having a will, and in North Carolina there are NC General Statutes that outline the family members that have an ownership claim to any assets. There are also NC General Statutes that specify the validity of a will.

Unfortunately, for North Carolina homeowners of inherited property, the probate process can be time-consuming, expensive, and confusing. Dealing with the loss of a loved one is difficult enough without having to sell a home in North Carolina. Getting started on settling an estate and probating the will is time critical when a loved one passes away. An attorney is often required to file the appropriate paperwork, work with the estates division of the local register of deeds, and work with the clerk of court. Let Cardinal House Buyers take this hassle off your plate and buy your North Carolina inherited house for cash!

How Long Does Probate Take In North Carolina?

The North Carolina probate process is not fast and can take over 9 months to complete! Sometimes the probate process can go on for over a year. There are important milestones and timelines to consider when opening probate in North Carolina. Keep reading below to learn more about the steps for probate in North Carolina and the time it takes to complete.

Open The Estate In North Carolina

The most important step is the first step; opening the estate. You can do this by hiring a local, reputable, probate attorney or filing the paperwork yourself. The important thing to remember here is that probate (the estate) is not opened automatically. It is up to the heirs or family to begin the process in North Carolina. If this does not occur, a creditor or another person could open probate and become the estate’s representative. Opening the estate in North Carolina should be completed within 60 days of your relative passing.

Notify Creditors In North Carolina

Once the estate has been opened and you are the personal representative of the state, you must notify any creditors. These are people, companies, governments, or municipalities in North Carolina and elsewhere that might be entitled to a portion of the estate. If there are liens or judgements against the inherited property in North Carolina, those holding the lien or judgement would be notified during this process. This is typically completed within 75 days of the deceased passing. This is an important and time-consuming part of the process, as the estate cannot be settled and closed in North Carolina until time has been given to creditors to collect debts. The notice to creditors must be published every week for four weeks.

Inventory all Financial Assets, Liabilities, and North Carolina Properties

After notifying creditors, the next step is to take an accounting of all assets, liabilities, and properties owned in North Carolina. This step in the probate process is to be completed within three months of opening the estate in North Carolina. If your relative owned many properties, had large bank accounts, and owed creditors money, this can be a time-consuming process for you to work through. When dealing with North Carolina real estate, it’s important to work with a local company you can trust. Cardinal House Buyers has worked through this process with many North Carolina sellers and can recommend local attorneys to work through the probate process. When we buy houses, we cover all attorney fees, closing costs, repairs, and taxes. We can help you sell your inherited property fast for cash in North Carolina.

Contesting A Will In North Carolina

If you are not the personal representative of the estate and feel you are entitled to assets from the estate, you can contest the will. Contesting a will can be done within three years of the estate being opened. This makes it all the more important to notify creditors, and settle the estate as soon as possible. Once the estate is settled, properties are sold in North Carolina, and assets are distributed to heirs, it is difficult to contest the will. If you feel as if you are entitled to North Carolina properties of a relative, it is important to speak with a local North Carolina real estate company and attorney to understand your options.

How Do I Start Probate In North Carolina?

Starting probate, or opening the estate, in North Carolina is a straightforward process. However, straightforward does not mean easy. There are numerous forms to complete, creditors to be notified, lines to stand in at the register of deeds, and fees to be paid. If you have inherited a property in North Carolina, your best option is to sell your house for cash! By working with Cardinal House Buyers, we can buy your inherited house in North Carolina and pay you cash. When we buy inherited homes in NC, we only work with the best North Carolina real estate and probate attorneys. Reach out to Cardinal House Buyers today to get started!

Is Probate Required For Inherited Properties In North Carolina?

In most situations, going through probate is required in North Carolina to settle the estate. There are instances where probate is not necessary, such as when the property is held in a trust, or the surviving spouse or joint owner inherits the entire property. Probate is necessary in North Carolina to settle the estate when there are multiple heirs, no will, or it is uncertain who the inherited home should go to. As always, it is highly advised to consult with a North Carolina real estate attorney and a North Carolina probate attorney.

Benefits Of Getting Cash For Your Inherited Home In North Carolina

There are plenty of benefits to getting cash for your inherited home in North Carolina. When you inherit a property in North Carolina, this can be a hectic time. You may still be grieving the loss of your loved one, while also trying to figure out what to do with your North Carolina inherited property. In these situations a guaranteed sale, a fast sale, avoiding repairs, avoiding North Carolina real estate agents, and avoiding the headache of probate can all be huge benefits! If you are asking “how do I sell a house I inherited in North Carolina“, then give Cardinal House Buyers a call today!

A Guaranteed Sale Of Your North Carolina Home

Cash for houses companies have the highest purchase rates of any buyers. While approximately 4-5% of home sales fall out of contract when selling on the North Carolina MLS, those homes often benefit from a cash sale. Properties usually fall out of contract for three reasons: damage, buyer financing problems, or a low appraisal. All three reasons that a North Carolina property comes out of contract on the MLS are not reasons a cash sale would fall through. There is no financing in a cash for houses offer, which means there is also no appraisal. Cash for houses companies buy homes with the intent of repairing the damage, so that is not a reason either. The surest way to sell your house is for cash to a local, trusted, cash for houses company like Cardinal House Buyers!

A Fast Sale Of Your North Carolina Home

With a cash offer for your North Carolina inherited home, you could be 10 days away from selling! Cash offers have no financing, appraisals, or other contingencies that might delay the sale. A cash sale of the property you inherited in North Carolina is the fastest way to sell your house!

No Need To Repair Your North Carolina House

We buy houses as-is in North Carolina

If your inherited house looks like this, we can help! When you sell your house for cash, no repairs need to be made to your North Carolina home. We have experience buying all types of North Carolina houses and can help you get cash for your inherited house. If you inherited a home in North Carolina, the last thing you want to do is spend money repairing it. Completing repairs on an inherited home is time consuming, expensive, and involves managing contractors. Avoid this headache by selling your North Carolina inherited property for cash to Cardinal House Buyers!

Avoid North Carolina Real Estate Agent

If you recently inherited a property in North Carolina, you may have looked into how much a realtor costs. In North Carolina the typical real estate agent fees range from 5 to 10% of the sale price! If you inherited land, inherited a commercial property, or inherited a multifamily property in North Carolina, the cost of a realtor only goes up! This means the more you sell your house in North Carolina for, the more you owe your realtor! Most sellers of inherited property don’t realize that they also pay the North Carolina real estate agent of the buyer. All of these commissions add up to be a substantial chunk of money that you don’t keep when selling your North Carolina property. When you sell your house for cash, you can avoid the headache of North Carolina realtors!

Avoid Probate In North Carolina

While it might be impossible to entirely avoid probate in North Carolina, Cardinal House Buyers can help you avoid the cost! When we buy inherited houses in North Carolina, we pay all closing and attorney costs! Yes, this includes the cost of the North Carolina probate attorney. As a great “cash for houses” company we offer creative solutions to solve your unique situation. At Cardinal House Buyers, we have our Cardinal Solution Guarantee, where we offer the best solution for you. Typically, this is a fast, all cash offer on your North Carolina inherited property. Sometimes, there are other ways to put cash in your pocket, while also solving the unique situation you find yourself in. At Cardinal House Buyers, we have experience working with North Carolina houses that have been inherited, are poor performing rentals, are in disrepair, or even vacant. Reach out to us at (704) 850-9879 or via the form below for more information on how we help North Carolina homeowners!

Is Cash For Your Inherited Property in North Carolina the Right Choice for You?

When selling your inherited home to a North Carolina cash home buyer, you are choosing to sell your house as quickly as possible and with little to no headaches. Cardinal House Buyers can help you avoid some of the hassles and headaches of selling your inherited home the traditional way. This means you make no repairs, pay no closing costs, and avoid North Carolina real estate agents. This also means no showings, no open houses, no commissions, and no hidden fees! When we buy inherited houses from North Carolina sellers, we start with a fast all cash offer with no obligation to accept. We want to make the process of selling your North Carolina home as easy and painless as possible. We buy houses in Charlotte, Fayetteville, Durham, Greensboro, Raleigh, High Point, Cary, Wilmington, Asheville, and all surrounding areas of North Carolina. If you have inherited a property in North Carolina, we will make an all cash offer no matter the type of inherited property!

Common Questions: Inherited Houses In North Carolina

Before getting cash for your inherited house in North Carolina, you may have a few additional questions. If you would like to speak with someone at Cardinal House Buyers, feel free to reach out directly to us! Listed below you will find answers to some common questions!

What Is The Difference Between A Real Estate Attorney And A Probate Attorney?

In North Carolina, there are many types of attorneys that work on or closely with real estate. A real estate attorney is simply an attorney in North Carolina that has experience working on real estate transactions. This is typically in the purchase and sale of North Carolina real estate, but can also extend into inheritance matters. A probate attorney in North Carolina works more closely with estates and handling inheritance issues. While every probate case in North Carolina does not involve real estate, inherited properties are common. Cardinal House Buyers works closely with the best real estate attorneys and probate attorneys in North Carolina.

What Is The Difference Between “Cash For Houses” And Listing My Home For Sale?

When you accept an all cash offer, this is typically the net amount to you, the North Carolina seller. When you list your home for sale, the number that you list at is not the amount of money you will take home when your North Carolina home sells. When listing on a North Carolina MLS, you must pay your realtor, the buyers realtor, closing costs, taxes, fees, and possibly repairs to the home. You must also wait (on average) over 90 days before selling your home on the MLS with a North Carolina real estate agent. This is what makes a cash sale of your North Carolina property so convenient, as you know exactly how much you will make at the beginning of the process.

How Do I Know A North Carolina Cash Home Buyer Is Legit?

It is important to determine if the North Carolina cash home buyer you’re working with is legitimate. Do they have 5-star reviews on their Google Business Page? Do they have social media profiles? Do your due diligence on who you are working with to ensure they are a reputable, local, North Carolina company.

Do I Need To Repair Or Clean My North Carolina Inherited House Before Selling?

Nope! Leave anything you don’t want and we will take care of the rest. If there are family heirlooms, personal belongings or valuables from your North Carolina inherited home please take these. We will donate any items or furniture you request and we will junk the rest!

How Fast Can I Sell My NC Home For Cash?

We can close transactions in as little as 10 days! This allows time to arrange the closing, on your schedule, and complete the paperwork and title search. This ensures that everything about the sale of your North Carolina home is legal and correct. We only work with the best real estate attorneys in North Carolina, who are licensed and understand how to help us sell your house for cash!

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